Analytics and BI

Softdevels offers you an innovative and cost-effective solution that enables businesses to jump start on the Analytics journey.

Business Intelligence Services We Deliver

We offer a wide range of business intelligence services to assist companies with any aspect of their project – be it designing and implementing a BI solution from scratch or auditing and improving the already existing solution.

Business Intelligence Consulting

We will delivering BI consulting to make sure you enjoy the BI solution that fully satisfies your business needs. If you are just setting off on your BI journey, our consultants can help you develop your individual BI strategy, as well as support you throughout all the subsequent stages of the project until your BI system is successfully adopted. And if you are in the middle of your BI adventure, we can help you improve the existing BI solution, in case you are experiencing troubles with it. In a word, we are ready to help regardless of the stage you are at.

Business Intelligence Implementation Services

We design and implement enterprise-class BI solutions consisting of a data warehouse, online analytical processing (OLAP) systems, and reporting. We don’t limit our implementation service with the coding work only but start with consulting and proceed with training, support and evolution after the solution deployment.

The users of our BI solutions can benefit from what-if and change impact analysis, measure performance, spot trends, and diagnose root causes of identified problems.

Data visualization

With due attention to user roles and security issues, we design and implement intuitive and informative dashboards so that our customers could timely spot alarming or positive trends.


We make sure that a BI solution runs as intended. For that, we deliver a data warehouse and ETL testing, OLAP and report testing, as well as load and performance testing.

Introduce the highest level of security and automate your operations with our blockchain solutions.

Blockchain, the name that is reverberated through industries for its endless applications to transform the basic foundations of the said industries. Automate processes and save operational costs with a surplus of applications like Decentralized Tokens, Smart Contract, Smart Wallets, Hyperledger and much more. A sea of opportunities within our reach to explore and this platform will provide you with endless blockchain based solutions for you to succeed.

Building Customized Analytics Solutions

Softdevels has well defined maturity road maps for each of the domain areas we specialize in. This enables your enterprise to incrementally invest and steadily bolster your analytical capability.