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Softdevels provides the cutting edge services for customer’s evolving needs.

We can provide you the best custom application development

Create an impactful custom backend applications for mobile app that fits client requirement brand and industry within a shorter time frame.

Secure IoT solutions will let you gather Big Data, optimise key processes, and improve decision-making.

The internet of things is a simple mechanism of embedding sensors, chips and tags in consumer devices, heavy machines, remote assets and vehicles, that establishes an internet-enabled connection and remotely transmits data to the provider. A true end-to-end IoT Platform is a software framework that remotely connects all 'things', manages devices, collects the data, allows action management, analytics and visualization and integrates with cloud services.

Introduce the highest level of security and automate your operations with our blockchain solutions.

Blockchain, the name that is reverberated through industries for its endless applications to transform the basic foundations of the said industries. Automate processes and save operational costs with a surplus of applications like Decentralized Tokens, Smart Contract, Smart Wallets, Hyperledger and much more. A sea of opportunities within our reach to explore and this platform will provide you with endless blockchain based solutions for you to succeed.

Custom AI-based solutions like machine and deep learning will help client automate any operation.

Powerful chatbot development simplifies user tasks New age AI messaging bots are creating a different way to work. They are the need of time, which not only allow you to perform simple task numerous times, but are also comparatively lot easy to install. Another reason is that the final output of Bot development process, has better retention in compared to apps. The core essence lies in its swiftness, sturdiness, and reliability.

We provide end to end corporate training

Do you want optimum utilization of technical resources? Improvement in technical skills of developers? Increased productivity? Customized training? We have already provided customized sessions in the area of .NET training, J2EE training etc to more than 65 corporate entities

We are here to support our clients hassle free professional resource for their service

IT support specialists may troubleshoot technology issues, install or uninstall software and perform routine technology updates. They may also assist with coding or improve technology to benefit operations

Softdevels offers your organization with the right information to sharpen and accelerate decisions making

With the help of BI, organizations can monitor and track KPIs in the form of reports, dashboards – which can answer few questions like –

"what had already happened?"
"what will happen next?"
“what is the best that can happen?”

We provide end to end testing

We are testing service providers, test automation for mobile and web apps as well as QA audits and consulting QA outsourcing, and dedicated QA teams. Softdevels applies the latest testing methods in practice and guarantees outstanding software product quality

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